The Company
L8DER is a DFW based company developing next-level Delta-8 products proudly in the state of Texas. L8DER is not just another D8 brand, our goal is to be the D8 brand

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality Delta-8 products at great value.


The "8" logo signifies two droplets creating the 8, both being hemp-derived formulas with all-natural terpenes. The 8 represents purity and perfection. We aim for nothing but the best at L8DER. 

The Ultra-Premium Difference
It all starts with combining premium hemp-derived Delta-8 Distillate with all-natural terpenes that gives it that signature L8DER vibe and ends with an ultra-premium product that is clearly (See the clarity, then taste and feel the difference) different from even other "premium" D8 products available. We use all-natural terpenes, 100% hemp-derived Delta-8, and a proprietary mixing process to ensure quality and potency. No cutters, no fillers, no conditioners and definitely no "Hemp Oil Blends". 

Try it today and we know you'll be back for more.    SEE YA L8DER!